I’m in a great space since learning I passed all of my classes with at least a B. I bloomed through the adversity of year one. Grateful. 
Treating myself to guilt free learning.  Just became one of @rachelcargle students, her model is an instructional design backed by theory to be highly effective for independent learners. I read about it in my tech course, earlier this week. I’ll be summer reading her curated lessons! 
Join me!




but I can’t be quiet when it comes to her

Breonna Taylor  she was a Gemini, like me. she loved extra baby hairs out, like me. she went for the natural-glam set of lashes, like me. she had a tattoo of words on her shoulder, like me. she had a nose ring, like me. she wore big hoops, like me. she was a public servant, like me. she is a queen, like me. but her killers are still alive, free, and untouched. only 1 of them has been fired, as of yesterday, 102 days after he took part in murdering her. Breonna’s mom, Tamika Palmer, led our favs to make a poignant video to build our awareness, Beyonce wrote a public letter demanding justice, everybody I know protested and yet, her killers are still free. I know they hear us. We should not have to do this much for what’s right! I wake up every morning to check for news of justice for her only to find that what has been demanded has still not been done. I wish I could march in Kentucky with everyone, tomorrow, but instead of wishing, Im asking, wha…




My respect for my mother was lacking. I never truly had empathy or compassion.


When your actual bday is Juneteenth and you keep getting invited to all the cookouts—just remember, I’m plant-based 🌿🌿