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Blushing Moons

"Eclectic, mystical, and eye-catching..", were the 3 words that Leila of Caravanserai in Hampden  used to describe her style. "I'm a big jewelry person.. Earrings necklaces rings - I love it " She was adorned in beautifully middle-eastern imported jewels from her head to her hands! "Nasty Gal and eBay are my go-to's " Every vagabond loves eBay!  Her fashion inspirations are Tokyo snap street blogs and Japanese fashion tumblr blogs. You can visit Leila anytime in the Hampden area of Baltimore in her Bohemian shop, Caravanserai . You may have seen this dress recently on my Instagram.         Sun-Brella Imported from India All of the must-haves in the pics can be purchased at Caravanserai 1113 W 36th St (Falls Road). Baltimore, MD 21211 Follow Leila: Sinfaxii- Tumblr Blushingmoons- Instagram  Location: Caravanserai Bohemian Shop

Visual Memoirs of a Vagabond

For the fearless, all-culture appreciating, every-era loving, oppositional-tastemakers who scoff at conformity, I humbly present: The Visual Memoirs of a Vagabond! Highlighting : -Fashion rebels worldwide! -Interviews from various bloggers! -Exclusive Vintage Homeless garments before they are posted for sale! Shop Now:


Gone are the days of just wishing you had the perfect vintage piece! These clothes need a new home and they are waiting for you! Log on now: Location: NY,NY