Re-Defining Myself

It's literally been a week today and already, I have changed the name of my site. What I was going into as a hobby has become a serious addiction, which can also be phrased as passion. Can one have more than one passion? Absolutely! At 27, a few of my passions are educating young minds, serving the community with P.Y.N.K. Inc., developing leaders through Flourishing Blossoms Inc., and if you haven't already noticed, I truly love flowers. So when looking at who am I as an individual at this stage in my life, versus who I was at 24 when first defining my style, I discovered that Vintage Homeless was a younger version of the woman I am now. Valencia's Garden speaks volumes about who I am today. For starters, Valencia is my God-given name. No catchy adjectives will ever describe my style, personality, or life better than my own name. 

Garden symbolizes all things that grow, which inevitably means, all things that are full of beauty. I am ever growing, as will be my site, and all I ask from those that show their support, is that you bloom with me. You never know what types of treasures you will find in Valencia's Garden of glory but I know you'll leave with something you love. 


ps: I spelled guard incorrectly happens..