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Meditating on the Inner Florets

When you look at a single flower, its likely that you are looking at many flowers that make up one, without even knowing it! Dahlia  Common flowers such gerberas, dahlias, hibiscus, geraniums, and more have fruits in the center of the head called florets. These florets make up tiny flowers that produce fruit of their own.  Gerbera  So what does all of this mean to you?  Geraniums Well, think about it... Your outter flower is what we initially see when we look at you. However, it's your florets that make you the dynamic individual that you are. Take a moment to list your qualities. Here are some examples: Intelligent, humble, determined, trustworthy, humorous, loving, understanding, unique, etc. Your list may include many of those and more! Gerbera Notice, I strayed away from adjectives that would decribe the physical appearance. Your florets are the fruit inside that make you shine from within . Your inner fruits determine what ever

The Butterfly Effect

The process of a butterfly's life cycle is miraculous. From a caterpillar, to a cocoon, to a butterfly, it is all symbolic of our own life cycles as well.  The cocoon stage (chrysalis) is the most critical. This is where we practice solitude and reflection. This solitude plays a vital role in helping you to discover  yourself ! However, unlike the butterfly, humans go through many different cocoons throughout a single lifetime. For every transition in your life, you will have a chrysalis stage. Use this period to work on YOU ! Be selfish, be reflective, and better yourself ! During this stage, meditating and journal writing is very helpful. Ask yourself reflective questions about your decisions, your goals, and even your surroundings. Look within yourself when seeking the answers . Be very careful not to allow toxins into your cocoon. You need positivity, light, and love during this stage of your personal development. Do not allow anyone or anything to taint you.  When you are rea

Cali's Vintage Homeless Indian

Many of you may remember, when first launching my thrift shop, it was called Vintage Homeless . There's a little more behind that name. The full name was actually, Vintage Homeless Indian. When asked a few years back 3 words to best describe my style, those 3 words:  vintage homeless Indian, were the most suitable. Back in my early twenties, I was retro, grudge, and bohemian all at the same time.  A pattern from a pair of pants I picked up! Although I have outgrown those days, I still have a great appreciation for the vintage pieces and India's culture. When visiting Little India, also known as Artesia, in the state of California, I stumbled upon Sahara's Vintage Boutique. I was in vintage-bohemian-heaven! It's family owned and all proceeds go to Domestic Violence. If ever in LA, be sure to check it out!  There was a wall of beautiful Tikkas like this one! I picked up this amazing number! All Gold Bracelets  They even do Henna! The artist that did mine was  @ karishmabe

God's Art

The beauty and perfection I saw today at the botanical garden in California was unmatched. I am sharing just a few pics.. I must've take at least 100. I was just in efflorescent bliss! Each plant was flawless.. From the tallest rose bushes I have ever seen to the simplest cosmos. I decided not to edit or add any filters to any of the photos. Enjoy.  Roses  Cosmo Peach Rose Taller than me- Rose African Iris Tiger Lily Red Rose Mediterranean Rose   Rose Garden with the Sun shining directly on them .. Taller than me by the way! Humming Bird's Favorite Exotic Long-Necks White Lily Lavender Lily Yellow Daisy Strange Fruit Cactus

You are in Full Bloom

When you look at this, close your eyes, and focus on your life right now.. Everything that is on your mind: things you need to accomplish and things you have already accomplished. Realize that this blossoming sunflower, is symbolic of things to come. As you close your eyes to reflect on the right nows, prepare yourself for the beauties that are coming as a result of all of those 'right nows'.. Whether you are going through turmoil and stress right now or you're celebrating an achievement, the seeds that you have planted are going to blossom and prove to be everything that God has promised you. Although you may not be exactly where you want to be, you are this sunflower, in full bloom. Beautiful and strong. This sunflower is actually 6 feet tall and still growing. It's height symbolizes the ever-growing amount of your strength and endurance.  Be proud of yourself, love yourself, and continue to grow. 

The Garden for Men

As the Summer comes to an end, I have to highlight one of my favorite Valencia's Garden  customers. Ironically, he is a good friend of mine, Reece Williams.  Below, Reece is wearing the "Gold Sir, Red Mister" blazer from the Valencia's Garden Summer 13' Collection.  Reece is from White Plains, NY and is a basketball star at Albany University. You wouldn't expect a jock, such as Reece, to wear these eclectic garments would you? This is exactly why Reece is one of my favorites! He's is the epitome of the individual that represents Valencia's Garden!   Oppositional trend setting at its best!  Below, Reece can't go wrong with this blazer, Nike sweats, and Knicks 1s ! "Colorful, comfortable, and colorful", were 3 words Reece used to describe his personal style.  Below, Reece is wearing the "Flight School Fatigue" Jacket from the Valencia's Garden Summer 13' Collection.  " James Russell