Meditating on the Inner Florets

When you look at a single flower, its likely that you are looking at many flowers that make up one, without even knowing it!


Common flowers such gerberas, dahlias, hibiscus, geraniums, and more have fruits in the center of the head called florets. These florets make up tiny flowers that produce fruit of their own. 


So what does all of this mean to you? 


Well, think about it... Your outter flower is what we initially see when we look at you. However, it's your florets that make you the dynamic individual that you are. Take a moment to list your qualities. Here are some examples: Intelligent, humble, determined, trustworthy, humorous, loving, understanding, unique, etc. Your list may include many of those and more!


Notice, I strayed away from adjectives that would decribe the physical appearance. Your florets are the fruit inside that make you shine from within. Your inner fruits determine what everyone sees on the outside. Don't hide them, instead, illuminate them for the world!


Photos taken by Valencia. Summer 2013.