The Butterfly Effect

The process of a butterfly's life cycle is miraculous. From a caterpillar, to a cocoon, to a butterfly, it is all symbolic of our own life cycles as well. 

The cocoon stage (chrysalis) is the most critical. This is where we practice solitude and reflection. This solitude plays a vital role in helping you to discover yourself! However, unlike the butterfly, humans go through many different cocoons throughout a single lifetime. For every transition in your life, you will have a chrysalis stage. Use this period to work on YOU! Be selfish, be reflective, and better yourself! During this stage, meditating and journal writing is very helpful. Ask yourself reflective questions about your decisions, your goals, and even your surroundings. Look within yourself when seeking the answers. Be very careful not to allow toxins into your cocoon. You need positivity, light, and love during this stage of your personal development. Do not allow anyone or anything to taint you. 

When you are ready to spread your wings, don't be afraid. While in your cocoon, you will get all of the preparation that you need to successfully fly! A wise woman once said, "You can't reverse a butterfly... It's impossible to revert back into a cocoon. Embrace your growth and your beauty. Soar and rise above all! "-Marika B. 

Spread your wings and soar beautiful butterflies, soar! 


All photos were taken by Valencia, Summer 2013.