The Garden for Men

As the Summer comes to an end, I have to highlight one of my favorite Valencia's Garden customers. Ironically, he is a good friend of mine, Reece Williams. 

Below, Reece is wearing the "Gold Sir, Red Mister" blazer from the Valencia's Garden Summer 13' Collection. 

Reece is from White Plains, NY and is a basketball star at Albany University. You wouldn't expect a jock, such as Reece, to wear these eclectic garments would you? This is exactly why Reece is one of my favorites! He's is the epitome of the individual that represents Valencia's Garden!  Oppositional trend setting at its best! 

Below, Reece can't go wrong with this blazer, Nike sweats, and Knicks 1s !

"Colorful, comfortable, and colorful", were 3 words Reece used to describe his personal style. 

Below, Reece is wearing the "Flight School Fatigue" Jacket from the Valencia's Garden Summer 13' Collection. 

"James Russell and the Manhattaners are my current style icons.." 

"The biggest fashion risk I've ever taken would have to be: thigh high salmon shorts.." I am totally confident that he wore them well! 

To find out more about Reece, follow him on Instagram @10amreece ! 

All photos were taken by Valencia, Summer 2013.