You are in Full Bloom

When you look at this, close your eyes, and focus on your life right now.. Everything that is on your mind: things you need to accomplish and things you have already accomplished. Realize that this blossoming sunflower, is symbolic of things to come. As you close your eyes to reflect on the right nows, prepare yourself for the beauties that are coming as a result of all of those 'right nows'.. Whether you are going through turmoil and stress right now or you're celebrating an achievement, the seeds that you have planted are going to blossom and prove to be everything that God has promised you.

Although you may not be exactly where you want to be, you are this sunflower, in full bloom. Beautiful and strong. This sunflower is actually 6 feet tall and still growing. It's height symbolizes the ever-growing amount of your strength and endurance.  Be proud of yourself, love yourself, and continue to grow.