Inspired by the Couple on the Train

I'm obsessed with this young couple on the 1 train. The girl is so pretty to me. Not a model, just plain pretty. Dark brown (almost black-but not black) hair. Pale skin but not like a white person. She has melanin but still somehow, she's a perfect pale. Her complexion is a lot like a crayon, its all just one color. 

She has these slanted eyes, with the longest dark lashes. Wearing a white pocket tee, with the sleeves cuffed, tucked into a grey wool skirt, black tights, and black patent-leather loafers. Sounds gloomy but she has a mustard-yellow, vintage leather messenger bag, that adds the perfect touch of color to her fit. 

The guy seems a little fem for me ..but hey, everyone doesnt have to be tough. They're riding uptown with me ... so they're probably Dominican. Stereotyping? Not with intentions to, I guess I just want them to be my people.

Anyways, she's just so pretty to me. I know he too sees her beauty. He stares at her like he loves her with all of his heart. Then he leans over to her and lays on her chest. Not in a seductive way, more so in a, "gosh I love you so much I could lay here forever" way.

I want to take a pic but that would be super creepy. Besides, sometimes, you don't need a picture of everything. Think about it: Who still smiles at pictures like they used to? No one I know. Our generation has lost the value and purpose of pictures; we truly take them for granted. I don't even want to mention the way we abuse them with those painstaking selfies that scream, "look at me, I'm so pretty!" ..yea, pretty vain. But I am sure to say, we, for we are all guilty of such mundanities. We've got to learn to just enjoy the moments. Appreciate the moments. Love the moments. And keep them in our memory banks, where they will be worth much more than a few 'likes'.

A sweet memory, now that'll give a person the kind of smile that'll make everyone around ask, "What's with you? Why are you so happy girl?"... It's up to the individual to explain. It could either be told as a refreshing story or kept a secret. Sort of like a reserved recollection. Everyone has dirty secrets ..but for once, you'd be giving yourself innocent memories. So as you journey in the days to come, create happiness and live each moment to smile.