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daisies of Africa in Autumn.

I always find perfection on my darkest days. ..the reminder from God that I am His child. 

Bliss cannot be disturbed by gain or loss.

the universe's balance of good days and bad days makes this hard to live by .. but if we all at least tired, we'd truly find ourselves in felicity.

the l_ttle th_ngs

there's no greater gift you can give a person than to just be there.

floating rainbows

don't burst my bubbles watch how they float  watch how they sing  listen to their rhythm  listen to their heart flow  my bubbles  they are perfect  little rainbows  sherbet peach and pink turquoise blue  it's amazing  the bubbles collade  and pop  so pretty  bubbles  today one of my bubbles boomeranged back to me  it was like nothing I'd ever seen grateful 

heaven, awaits.

I am stuck, in deep thought.  It's when the mind is trapped!!!  By its own spiritual-confinement.  It's when you are elevated to a level of supreme excellence... It's nothing less than a trip to heaven.. Not to be confused with the feeling of ecstasy ... Which can only last for the duration of a climax ... Oh no... This is Heaven...  That place full of eternal grace .. Mercy isn't needed because there is sin-nomore!  This type of bliss has no commercial breaks!!  It's everlasting  Illuminating  Efflorescent  Insurmountably-Flagrant  Intangible  LOVE.