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Thanksgiving Eve

At 15, the most important things in my life were my friends, parties, and hair/clothes. I remember being so annoyed about having to leave New York and miss Fabolous rapping at Palladium on Thanksgiving night because I was with my family in Baltimore at my Great-Grandma's house. Over 10 years later, here I am in Baltimore, crying like a loser, overwhelmed with excitement about Thanksgiving being at my house in Baltimore this year. Do you know what this means? It means I am officially a woman now!! HA! This is the very first holiday that I am hosting in my own home. I found myself in Wegmans telling all of the old ladies and asking them of their opinions on different little things to buy. They each gave me a piece of valuable advice as they recalled their first times hosting a holiday at their home. "You'll never forget your first time having Thanksgiving at your house. No matter what, just have fun. Don't be nervous, bond with your guests and have fun!" They were…

The Gifts of a Perfect Stranger

I met someone last night. It's a bit of a funny story.. One for another day and another time. If I could sum up the entire experience with one word, I would said it was fortuitous. 
He lended me one of his reads:

The introduction of the Osteen book alone, has me thanking The Creator for allowing me to connect with last night's perfect stranger. 

So here's what I have decided to do... 
For the next 30 days, I am going to use the daily declarations of this book to guide my morning meditation. Starting now, I claim victory over my next 30 days because I believe in the power of my words and promise of God over my life. 
I will be sure to give you my testimony when all is said and done. 
Blessings, V

Cry Me a River

Guard well your spare moments.  They are like uncut diamonds.  Discard them and their value will never be known.  Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photos captured by Valencia C. No filters applied.

Every Single Thing

E v e r y   s i n g l e    t h i n g Changes and is changing  Always in this world.  Yet with the same light  The moon goes on shining.

Love Can Wait.

When I'm laying in my bed, gazing upon my flowers of the week, I write a lot. 
In my journal 
..or on my phone 
And it's just for me ..
Pages filled with thoughts that I don't want to annoy my friends with, I really believe that seeking advice from within is helping me to become more self-sufficient.
It's often my feelings about love... Or the lack thereof ..I get very lonely and instead of seeking loved ones, I isolate myself ..and write even more. 
However, I've grown tiresome of my own pensiveness and unanswered questions about if I will ever fall in love. I want to enhance my faith in God's promise and let love develop naturally in my life. 
I want to switch my habitual vents about my have nots and start dwelling on things that will allow my thoughts to be more positive ..on a much more consistent basis. 
I am my very thoughts. All of my power and abilities come from the way I think. 
The only way to change my thoughts is to refocus my reflections. In order …

Smile Worthy

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy .." Anne Frank
little things that made me happy today ... 
My Blossoms, Inc. Health & Hygiene Workshop with the ladies of MSU's FUTURE was amazing!
My newest hat was perfect with my favorite vest! 
This vintage wedding dress had me in awe!
My mood ring was many different colors at once! So pretty!!!
Ms. Monroe's tushy! 
My roses! ...and being home, in my ultimate comfort zone. 
I think I'll go ahead and bake some oatmeal cookies!
love l o v e 

Beautiful Bloody Lane

Today, my middle schoolers and I went to Antietam, MD, the historic battlefield where 23,000 soilders died within 12 hours, during the Civil War. This is still known as the bloodiest day in American history.
Here are some of my favorite shots: 

Were you expecting gory pictures? Ironically, everything about this land was beautiful. There were even cows and deers roaming freely through the crisp and clean air. 
So what does this have to do with you? Well, if you think about what this land is supposed to symbolize (death, chaos, and tragedy) and then you look at what it actually looks like, you can visualize and discover the greatness of God. 
Take a moment to reflect on things in your own life that may have developed a negative stigma/connotation, have caused a tremendous upheaval, or unyielding pain. Do not dwell on the ill-feelings that they have caused you, instead ponder on how many blessings have/may come out of those things.. In the same way that there is an undeniably immense beauty…

focus on the positives

releasing your negative energy is the most positive thing you can do for yourself. 
finding the perfect outlet can often be the hardest part.
so many of us turn to drugs and alcohol or even sex for a quick fix.. but those frivolous things do nothing to heal the soul. ..
try: taking some deep breaths lighting incense and candles  taking a hot bubble bath  playing some smooth jazz reading a favorite book  coloring drinking some hot chocolate writing a letter to yourself about your day  making a list of the successes of the day   meditating on a single word e.g. Love and focusing on the positives.
we are so quick to stray to what's going wrong that we don't even acknowledge our blessings. we are alive, we have survived another day, in good health, with warmth and shelter. there are so many people among us who can not say the same. 
focus on the positives
be an optimistic prism..  attract a brighter light.
look in the mirror and smile. find your inner peace. let not your heart be troubled.