focus on the positives

releasing your negative energy is the most positive thing you can do for yourself. 

finding the perfect outlet can often be the hardest part.

so many of us turn to drugs and alcohol or even sex for a quick fix.. but those frivolous things do nothing to heal the soul. ..

taking some deep breaths
lighting incense and candles 
taking a hot bubble bath 
playing some smooth jazz
reading a favorite book 
drinking some hot chocolate
writing a letter to yourself about your day 
making a list of the successes of the day  
meditating on a single word e.g. Love
and focusing on the positives.

we are so quick to stray to what's going wrong that we don't even acknowledge our blessings. we are alive, we have survived another day, in good health, with warmth and shelter. there are so many people among us who can not say the same. 

focus on the positives

be an optimistic prism.. 
attract a brighter light.

look in the mirror and smile.
find your inner peace.
let not your heart be troubled.