10 + 2 Things to Remember

Get your thinking cap ready!

1. You have the potential to be as good as you want to be. 

2. No one can leave your legacy but you. 

3. Don't spend too much time living for the future, take full advantage of the freedoms that you have been gifted with in the present. 

4. Be grateful for the lessons that you learn from your mistakes, those are the very ones that will stick with you the most. 

5. It takes a strong person to be positive and dedicated enough to achieve their dreams. You are strong enough. 

6. Don't waste time doubting yourself.
Invest in love, not doubt. Love yourself. For yourself. No one else. 

7. Love others too. Just love. 

8. Telling your thoughts is very intimate. Master the art of reticence. 

9. Have self-discipline and control or you'll be sorry. 

10. Don't compare yourself to people. For that would only limit your ability to determine your true value. Keep discovering more and more, expanding your mental horizons. Like Christopher Columbus, discover so much that you make history. Be legendary. Leave an influential trail. 

11. Never be predictable. There's a difference between a healthy consistency and being mundanely predictable. 

12. Read a thousand books, write a million words, learn, teach, learn more, and grow. 

...just my thoughts ..