Be Someone's Miracle

"I will become someone's miracle by showing God's love and mercy everywhere I go." -Joel Osteen 

The scriptures of the Bible describe how much power we have as human beings. We don't need a magic wand or a tricky spell. ALL of the power is in our actions and words

The Power of Your Actions

Sometimes we spend too much time dwelling on what's going wrong, instead of attempting to make things right. When we do attempt to fix things, we often allow the frustration of not seeing enough restoration cause us to quit. As much as we want to be super heroes, the reality is that we were not built with the physical capacity to change every issue that needs mending. Though, this reality doesn't mean we should be discouraged from even trying. 

The smallest acts of kindness always have the biggest affect on me. In my experience, I've learned that this goes for many others as well. 

You may not be able to physically fix many of the dilemmas that plague your loved ones or the rapidly growing global-traumas that this world is facing; however, taking action will definately help someone in need and inevitably please God enough for Him to send unexpected blessings your way. 

This holiday season, there are so many ways to get involved and bring joy to someone's heart, whether you know them or not. For instance, my organization and I are having a coat drive and my girls in my mentoring program are collecting non-perishable items for the homeless. We realize that simply talking about problems will not mitigate them. In the words of Gandhi, "We must be the change that we want to see". 

Not only is what we are doing tangibly helping the less fortunate, it is also helping to instrisically heal their souls. We are letting people know that they are not alone, that someone cares, and that they should never give up.  

Let your actions manifest as a miracle in someone's life. Be a blessing. 

The Power of Your Words

-Have you ever spoke someone up? Meaning, you mentioned the name of a person you haven't seen in a while and the next thing you know, you see them somewhere... 

-Have you ever had a bad day, yelled, THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER! ...and it got even worse? 

-Can you recall a time when a perfect stranger complimented you, leaving you smiling for the rest of your day?

The examples above concretely display the evidence that proves that there is strength and spiritual-authority in our words. The way an individual uses words about oneself and toward others has immense power over our emotions, actions, and situations. This is why it is crucial that one speaks positively over their self and say things with love and kindness to others. 

Try This: 
-Say something nice to the first stranger you see today ...
-Text a friend to let her know you were just thinking about how beautiful her spirit is ...
-Call your brother just to tell him you miss his silly laugh ...

...and for yourself:
-Look in the mirror and say, "This will be an awesome day! I love you! Keep smiling!"

Journey compassionately today.. Fill your heart with loving words and let your hands partake in benevolent actions. 



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