Critical Thinker

As an educator, I am constantly thinking of ways to engage my students with assignments that allow them to practice using critical thinking skills. 

The more I reflect, the more I realize that one of my biggest skills is being a critical thinker. In fact, I've gotten so good at critical thinking, I use it to analyze every experience in my life. Although, I don't know if my over-usage of this skill is necessarily a good thing. 

What I'm saying is: I'm an over-analytical, hyper-critical, I like what I like type of thinker! On one hand, this mentality is exactly what I need to drive my personal success. On the other hand, in certain situations, its not healthy or appropriate; especially when I begin directing such judgmental statements toward other people. But I'm not trying to be condescending. Honestly, I haven't figured out how to draw the line between correcting unwanted behavior and nit-picking. I'm also not even sure if what I dislike is actually wrong or if I'm just being fastidious. 

In my heart I want to work on this issue. But I have a fear that the moment I stop being so critical with my thoughts, is the moment that I lose myself. I know better though. I know that I have to find a balance... and I have to find a way to filter my thoughts before I say them. 

I'm not perfect, so I can't expect others to be such. I won't lose myself by being less critical, I'll actually become a much better person. Learning and practicing the art of reticence will help me to become a much more kind woman, who chooses her words carefully before she speaks, in order to help people grow from their flaws, not feel bad about them.

Learning, growing, and forever thinking,