My Christmas Blessing in Disguise

My bags were packed, my gifts were wrapped, and I was ready to head to Atlanta, Georgia on the morning of Christmas Eve.

I arrived at the Enterprise rental car spot, pulled out my license and debit card, ready to get my rental, and hit the road. 

In the most sympathetic tone, the desk attendant looked at my license and debit card and said, Ohhh.. I'm sorry Ms. Clay, we don't take debit cards if you have an out of state license. 

So... Because I have a New York license, I can't rent a car? Can I show you some mail to prove that I reside in Baltimore? 

No. We're really strict about this. The only other way is to use a major credit card, not a debit card. 

I don't believe in credit cards. After I paid off my card a few years ago, I never wanted another one. 

I'm sorry Ms. Clay. The only other thing I can do is call the Hertz company down the street and see if they have any cars available and ask if they accept debit cards for you. 

Okay. Thank you so much. 

When he got off the phone, he explained that Hertz wouldn't have any cars for a couple of hours, that I would have to put down $200, and that the rental itself would be $75 a day. In total, I was going to have to cough up $575 to rent a car. Now, that is not acceptable. If I was going to pay that much, I would've just booked a flight. 

I went ahead and called the girls to let them know that I wasn't going to be able to come down. Each of them tried to offer different solutions but I had already exhausted all of my resources. At this point, I was upset, and I just wanted to figure things out on my own. 

I sat in my car for about 7 minutes trying to figure out what I should do. I was terribly afraid to drive my little 2004 Civic because the check-engine light was on. I closed my eyes and asked God for protection and to see me all the way through. As always, that was exactly what He did! 

Through God's grace and mercy, my car made it all the way to Atlanta and back! We should always have faith that He will make a way out of no way, not only after He does it, but when we are smack dap in the eye of the storm. Taking a long drive, in solitude, is truly a tranquil experience. Not only did I find myself at peace, I also saved so much money by driving my own car, instead of renting one. This was a true example of a blessing in disguise. 

Hope you all had a blessed holiday, 


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