Petals, Poise, and Promise

The Flourishing Blossom's Society for Girls, Inc. hosted their first 3-day workshop this week titled, Petals & Poise. 

My 8th grade Blossoms presented the 6th and 7th grade girls with lessons on the importance of maintaining a positive image, physical appearance, reputation, self-esteem, and hygiene. 

The 8th grade Blossoms planned this 3-day workshop, with minimal help from me, and they executed each activity with grace. 

Inspired, enlightened, and aware were 3 words that the younger girls used to describe how they felt after participating in the activies. At the end of the first two days, the 6th and 7th grade girls showed their gratitude by thanking the Blossoms with endless hugs and phrases like, I'm so glad I came to this... The pride and sense of accomplishment in each of the girls' eyes was priceless. As an educator, this is the type of student-growth that I live for. 

Today, the last day, was the most emotionally challenging for us all. We watched a documentary and engaged in a girl-talk styled dialogue, which led us to a deep discussion about family. Some of the girls were brave enough to share intimate stories about their mothers and fathers; stories so traumatic that they brought tears to every girl's eyes in the room. The mood grew gloomy and disconsolate as we cried and listened. However, the grieving didn't last for too long because we began to realize that we all had one thing in common... Hope! We were optimistic for one another. As cliche as it may sound, we all agreed that everything happens for a purpose-even greater we can imagine. Eventhough we may not see the end result yet, that certainly doesn't mean it won't come to fruition. Our lives have the potential to be as promising as we want them to be. We each acknowledged the fact that our past is what makes us who we are, fosters our strength, and provides us with wisdom.

honestly believe that even as middle schoolers, my Blossoms are full of wisdom and gain more and more from their experiences in this program. I'm surely obtaining just as much. 

Thankful for this week,