Paint the Snow Pynk

Our snowy venue- King & Grove Hotel Brooklyn, NY

There are very few things that one can not control when event planning. If you ask anyone in the business, I'm sure they'll tell you the most unpredictable caveat to executing a successful event is the weather.  

5 out of 6 of the founding members of PYNKBerri, Inc. 

Smiling with 3 of our newest member of PYNKBerri, Inc. 

The prettiest white snow covered the streets from Westchester, NY all the way to Baltimore, MD on the morning of my organization's (PYNKBerri, Inc.) 5th Annual Coat Drive. Worried about the safety of our traveling guests, first and foremost; then, our ability to collect a sufficient amount of coats, and lastly, but equally important, how we would foot the bar tab if no one showed up, we came to a unanimous decision to cancel the event. After all, what's a coat drive with no coats? And who could live with someone getting into an accident, on their way to support our endeavors? 

Godspeed Red Moto Jacket - donated from my friend Randy's company. 

With the beautiful, Inez Galvez, one of our accessory sponsors. 

About an hour went by after we finalized the decision to cancel. During that hour, we called our sponsors and our friends who were traveling from out of state, to let them know that we were going to postpone the coat drive until further notice. Oddly enough, our sponsors and guests did not share our sentiments of hesitation. They each encouraged us to go through with the event because the snow in NYC was only about 1-2inches and it was not sticking to the ground. They reminded us that NYC is the city that never sleeps and assured us that we would have a decent turn out. 

Many of last night's guests. 

Marika, Secretary, raffling and laughing. 

Dancing to Beyoncé of course!

Each of us grew indecisive, so we began a second conference call but could not come up with a unanimous decision. Should we have our event or not? No one had a definite answer, except for Shelly. God is on our side girls. He's telling us to have faith that our event is going to be a success because He has never failed us yet! Y'all have to believe that! As crazy as that sounded, we knew in our hearts that it was true. Get ready girls! We are about to paint this snow PYNK!

President of PYNKBerri, Inc., Shelly, cutting the first slice of cake. Cake sponsored by The Rolling Pin Cake Co.

...And that we did! The 5th Annual Coat Drive was better than anything I could've imagined. So many people trekked through what went from 1-2 inches of snow, to the nastiest rain-slush mix ever. Mother-Nature wasn't on our side, but like Shelly said, God was

Shelly holding one of the gift bags from our 2nd Year Sponsors, Miss Jessie's. 

In total, we collected over 300 coats, of all sizes, patterns, and materials. Many of which were brand new. This may sound like a success for PYNKBerri, Inc. but in actuality, it's an achievement that directly reflects the humanity of New York City. The determination of the folks that literally went through a storm to be a blessing to families living in financial-storms is unmatched to anything I have ever witnessed. In my humble opinion, the charitable act of our guests last night, is worth even more than donating thousands of dollars to generic nonprofits like the Red Cross. What I witnessed last night was authentic empathy and selflessness. 

One of the many carts of bagged-coats. 

I am truly honored and humbled by the fact that I was apart of such a great initiative last night and I more than appreciate every single person who attended. 

I will journey for the rest of my day, praying and imploring the Creator to allow anyone who reads this to experience the same joy of giving that I was blessed with last night. 

Filled with gratitude and grace,