Surviving the Times

Here are the problems associated with seeking approval from others when in pursuit of your dreams:

The masses of our generation don't support small businesses enough. Most would chose to frequent the generic, more convenient source, rather than trying something fresh and new. Take a moment to think of a few times when you decided to get something from a name brand company, instead of experimenting with the family owned mom-and-pop-shop next door. We're all guilty of it. 

In addition, many people will wait until someone such as a celebrity or highly-influential person approves or endorses something, before they decide it's safe to back it too. 

Personally, I believe the worse type of support is that of the late-bandwagon hoppers. In my opinion, that type of love is fake. Far from genuine. I'm specifically speaking of folks who see what you're doing and don't give you the proper respect. I pointing my finger at those who would rather burn their lips than to give you words of affirmation and encouragement. But as soon as you become successful on a larger scale, they follow the movement and become your biggest fans. 

As judgemental as I know I sound right now, I am merely saying all of this to remind my fellow dream-chasers to do what you do, solely because you love doing it. Do not wait for the approval of your peers to make decisions that predominately affect you and your future. For goodness sake man, just do what makes you happy!

The only way to stand the test of time is to stop comparing your work to the work of others, listen to your own inner voice, and create your own path to success. Being well regarded and leaving a lasting legacy does not happen by chance or luck, it takes dedication, perseverance, and even failure. Yes! You may not get it right the first time but that's where determination comes into play. 

In order to convince any audience that what you are doing is worth their time, they must be able to recognize your devotion at their very first glance of your work. Your passion and drive should be seen by anyone who views what you are doing and heard by anyone who listens to you speak. There is no way you can be passionate about something that is not your own. This is why it is critical that you find your own niche and hone it, no matter what anyone else says or does. 

As long as your heart is in what you are doing, you will be successful. That's a guarantee.  

Aiming for my personal best,