Books, Trees, and Laughs

Another Smile-Worthy Saturday... I spent time looking for classroom books for my upcoming unit.. I found other cool things along the way.. Check it out! 

Reading through the enclopedia of myths!

I found an old children's classic, which I can use for my middle schoolers as well for creative writing assignments.

..because we will be celebrating the Arts in February! 

Where would you wear this head piece?

If I had a daughter, she'd be rocking this forsure! 

How cool is it that this varsity has my grandmother's name on it?

This color blocked baby! 

Picked up a classic piece for someone's Christmas present! Shhh! Can't tell you who it's for!

Vintage pearl and ruby-pearl ring! $2 eeek! 

Then, I went to 34th St. (Baltimore) to see the Christmas lights! 

Tree made out of rims!

Record tree. 

Wine reef! 

Finally, to end it all, a movie outside under the stars... the weather was perfect for it too!