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Day 31: 100 Kisses - Final Reflection

A woman of God. 
A praying daughter.  And an avid faster. 

Those are three things that I have always been. So it wasn't a surprise to anyone who knows me personally, when I started a spiritual challenge for others to try. 

What did surprise me.. and even hurt me, was the fact that none of my family or friends were participating. All of them encouraged me from the sidelines but very few of them actually wanted to do it. 
I was almost defeated by this collective decision. I thought, If my friends aren't doing it, who else is going to do it with me? I remember thinking, Sheesh, they could at least act like they are doing it for a few of the days! And that's when it hit me!
I questioned my very intentions. Why am I doing this?! What's the point of my friends faking or half doing it? 
I had to really stop and reevaluate the reasons why I started the challenge. 
I could not be upset with my friends for not doing the spiritual challenge, it would be like getting mad at them for not g…

Morning Meditation: Enough is NEVER Enough

You will see that I will throw open the windows of heaven. I will pour out so many blessings that you will not have enough room for them. (Malachi 3:10 NIRV)
I just woke up and this was the scripture of the day. 
Enough is the word that resonated with me most. 
Meditation Directions:
First, make a list of the top 5 things that your heart desires right now. 
Here's mine:
Unconditional love 
Unmeasurable joy 
My family to continue to grow stronger
Every student whose life I touch to thrive 
For God to continue guiding my path and letting His light shine through me  *** 
Now, speak each of your desires into existence and repeat them over and over until you can envision them in your mind. As you meditate, it is imperative that you visualize what your heart desires because that shows the Universe that you truly, truly believe that it will happen. You must have faith in your own future. 
-The Creator will pour out so much love, I won't have ENOUGH ROOM FOR IT! 
-The Creator will pour ou…

Day 30: I See it Coming

Forget about the past. I am about to do something new. It is beginning to happen even now. Don't you see it coming? I am going to make a way for you to go through the desert. I will make streams of water in the dry and empty land. (Isaiah 43:18-19 NIRV)
I want to write about this but honestly, I feel like the Word itself speaks high enough volumes. 
I facilitated my first workshop with the Baltimore Teacher Network tonight and it was such a learning experience for me. It's a direct example of the Word above. 
The Lord is doing so many new things in my life. Each day I am walking closer to Him and closer to my heart's dreams. 
Lead. Learn. Love. ❤️ V 

What I Always Wanted

This is the love I always needed and wanted. 
If you know me..if you know my story .. Like really know my story.... If you know how much I've been through with this woman, then you understand how much these words mean to me. I stopped trying to force relationships with men. Stopped chasing guys that weren't making me a priority and began putting that same energy into building a relationship with the one person who matters the most. Grateful that I still have the opportunity to do this. Grateful that it's not too late. I learned that in order for her to love me, I have to teach her how I want to be loved. Growing never felt so good. ❤️

Day 29: Your Future

I am literally blogging from my car because I have so much work to do tonight, when I get in the house, I will have to turn my phone off to keep myself from being distracted. 
As we bring the first month of the year to a close, and meditate on the word future tonight, think about where you want to be this time next month, this time next year, and even in 5 years. Be sure to speak things into existence by saying I will. 
Make a Where-I-Will-Be list
Here's mine:
Next month, - I will have completed my short term savings goals - I will have finished at least 2 books - I will have taken the GRE  - I will have the Blossoms Ball fully planned  - I will be even happier than I am right now
(Write as many things as you can!) 
Then make a list of the purposes for each thing on your Where-I-Will-Be-List
Here's mine:
Purposes: - I have to maintain my financial stability  - I want to continue expand my intellect  - I need to start applying for my next degree  - The Ball must be finalized by Feb so that it w…

State of the Arts

Today was no ordinary day for me, professionally and personally. 

First, my soul-sister/gem came to my school to speak with The Blossom Girls about the importance of community service. She talked about how her life has been blessed through helping others. She gave the girls examples of service activities that they could do on a daily basis such as: helping a friend with their homework and picking up trash in their neighborhoods. She explained to them that they are the future and the change that the worlds needs, must start with them. 

She also enlightened the girls about being true to one's self, explaining that individuality is the root of happiness. 

She left us with a poem titled, Unfinished, that she wrote specifically for the Blossom Girls, with a message that explicitly told them Absolutely no one will ever stand in your way. 

Thank you so much for coming today Z. I know you planted a seed in the hearts of each of the girls. I am truly inspired by you. 

Right after Z left, two of…

Family is Love

Life takes you to unexpected places. Love always brings you home.

Had the most amazing weekend in my hometown, NYC, with my family and friends!! 

Look up DJ, say cheese !!!

My nephew, DJ, had his 1st Bday party!

Took a selfie with my niece Madi !

Dereck and his twin! 

Such a beautiful family. I love y'all !!!! 

Jordyn is unphazed by her Dad's usual shenanigans!!

Today, my organization, PYNKBerri, Inc. had brunch in SOHO. 
My Danielle and I, sitting pretty!

Meekz and Jas up to no good!


To magnolias banana pudding !

My young fox @br00klynbetty

Met a random guy who was taking the same exact pic as I was ..and some other totally random guy offered to take a pic of us together! Ha! 

My sad smile .. Not ready to leave!!

See you next time NYC! 
xoxo, V

Day 26: Forgiving Fruit

I took this picture when I was in Paris, France in 2012. I thought of it this morning when I was coming up with the title for this post. This is the fruit of my desires. I love to travel. My heart sings when I wake up in a foreign country. I have truly been blessed to see so much of the world. As my days go on, my blessing increase, I find more reasons to be happy, and I learn the true meaning of love itself. 
Over the course of the last few years, I have learned that the first step to being intrinsically happy is not the ability travel and see the world, it is the ability to forgive those that are in your personal-world. 
First, forgive yourself. 
Then, after you forgive yourself, you must forgive those that have hurt you. Ask yourself, what does harboring anger against someone do for that person? Meditate on that. 
The answer, more often than not, is nothing. 
Then ask yourself, what does harboring anger against someone do for you? 
Let me break this down: 

The word for means something tha…

Boots in the Hood

Do yourself a solid and stop by your local thrift store as soon as you can. If you are the type to over the look the shoe section, look again! I was in VINTAGE BOOT HEAVEN today! Check it out!!! 

Check out these suede Espirits !

I love a good duckling! 

Don't think of them as worn, think of them as loved ❤️
Suede soilders 

Leather clunkers 

Classic tim-look 

Preppy Patty 

Proper Patty 

Classic NIKE ACG's

FUNK'd up! 

I snagged a Mary Jane

And this isnt a pair of boots but this suede jacket was LIFE !

xoxo,  V