Day 11: The Diligent Heart

Today, we're praying for career and finances for our spiritual challenge. 

Prayer points: 

-Let my passions be aligned with my daily work 
-Allow my heart to be in all that I do 
-Let each and every experience foster wisdom
-Do not let one day of my work be in vain 

Even if you hate your job... even if what you are doing right now has nothing to do with what you want to do in life, insert those prayer points into your talk with The Creator today. 

Believe in your stepping stones. Understand that the your experiences will lead you to the place that you want to be. No matter where you are working now, complete every task with diligence and humility. Be receptive of new lessons. This may just be the season for you to be the apprentice, learning and growing..  Trust and believe, your season of leading and owning is on it's way. Claim that! Receive that! Have faith and do not doubt that!

Do not grow lethargic of your current position. Trust that you are in the very place that you hate, so that you do not get too comfortable. Put away your indolence. Work with pride and with determination. 

Do you know the unemployment rate in your city right now? Look it up! And then, pick up a spirit of thankfulness. Being content (not to be confused with comfortable) will show the Universe that you are grateful, that you can appreciate the little things, and that you are ready to be blessed-abundantly. 

Believe in the power to be elevated by your own good deeds. Believe that your hard work will pay off.. It may not be monetarily idyllic at the moment but have faith in what you know will come to pass, not what you see right now. The sooner you adopt this mentality, the sooner you will find yourself at the point where you job doesn't feel like work... you will love what you are doing so much that it will feel like joy. 

The soul of the lazy desires... and has nothing. But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich and completely satisfied. -Proverbs 13:4

Working for the Most High,