Day 17: Poverty

Poverty is such a broad topic to pray about .. But that doesn't mean we can't still pray about it.

Praying for others:
-Child neglect, abuse, hunger, and homelessness

As I pray about poverty tonight, I'm going ask the creator to touch the lives of the children around the world who are living in poverty. I chose this because I experienced it as a child and I see my students experiencing it as well. It hits home for me. So as you pray about poverty tonight, think about one thing that you want God to break in your city, state, or in the world. 

Praying for myself:
-I am thankful for what I have
-Never allow me to lose my financial independence and stability 

As I pray for poverty and it's affects on my own life, I am first going to thank God for all of my many blessing thus far. I may not be rich but I am grateful for what I have. I have everything that I need and He is always supplying all of my heart's wants and desires. 

I understand that I must always be thankful and content for what He has already given me. I am thankful for the wisdom to understand that notion. That is worth even more than gold. 

Next, I am simply going to ask God to order my financial steps. I ask that He keeps me grounded and guide me to live comfortably within my means. I never want to lose myself and begin making impulsive financial decisions that will hurt my future. I also never want to find myself in a hole that I can't get out of ... Again, I may not be rich but I am able to pay my own bills. Notice, I said, I am able.. Some people are not fortunate enough to say that. I don't take that for granted. I shouldn't even complain about my bills, it's a blessing to be able to pay them. 

I pray that God never let's me go down a destructive path that forces me to fall from His grace. Being in His grace is the reason that I have yet to go hungry, since leaving home at the age of 18. 

I never want to get to a place where I can't do for myself! I pray that I never will.