Day 20: I am Loved Unconditionally

I neverrrrrr read my personal journal entries outloud... but as we were sitting at the table, one of the girls asked me what I was writing and I decided to share. 

I was writing about not having my biological mom in my life growing up and reflecting on the fact that I was just fine without her. Not to slight her in any way.. But as I started to talk about how much I have grown since working under the leadership of Gena and Stone (my bosses) I recalled all of the women who God allowed to plant seeds within me, I realized that He really never let me be a motherless child. These women, without even knowing it, gave me pieces of them, to help me grow as a woman. They helped mold me into the woman that I am today... and the woman that I am still going to become. 

I'm sure I missed a few.. If I did, I sincerely apologize. 

But my point was to literally remind myself that I have always been kept in the graces of people who looked out for me, cared for me, advised me, and loved me ..unconditionally. 

Love conquers all. 
God is love. 


PS: I forgot Toy!!! Love you!