Day 24: The Peace in Peace

He'll keep you in perfect peace, just keep your mind stayed on Him. -Isaiah 26:3


As a little girl, I used to sing this song in the children's choir at church. Our choir director would always make us look up the words in the Bible so that we would know what we were singing about. She would teach us what the scriptures meant. However, these words never quite meant anything to me in my adolescence, like they do now. 

I don't look at the scripture and think it's saying that I have to keep my mind steadfast on God. My interpretation is that I have to keep my mind on His promise. 

Meaning, when things disrupt my peace of mind, I need to focus on the promise that God has already given me. I must remember that everything will work out in my favor. I cannot allow any negative circumstances to make me forget or doubt what I know is waiting at the end of my storm. Not a rainbow... nothing fictional or figurative. What's waiting for me is everything that I have told God that I desire to have within this lifetime. Everything I have asked, I shall receive. No matter how long it takes, no matter how tough it is to get there. I shall be victorious. I shall be. 

It all goes back to faith. If one has faith, they will have peace. 

If you have faith, you will pray and not worry. Therefore, you will have PEACE! 

So let not your heart be troubled. Focus on the end result. 

Close your eyes, picture yourself in the place that you want to be. Whether it's a new job, a new house, a healthier relationship, a debt free life - literally, picture yourself living in the fruit of your labor. Envision it, claim it, and keep walking toward the mark of the Most High. 

Be at peace by simply believing.. believing in yourself. 
believing in your strength to endure.
believing in God's promise. 


One last thing I want to leave you with... something that helps me when I have trouble with finding my peace, even after praying and meditating on the Word.  

I go to a place or do an activity that helps me to feel serene. 

I have a list of things that I do when I need to clear my mind... 

My Peaceful Thingies

-Writing about what's bothering me and coming up with a list of solutions 
-Going to the park and riding the swings 
-Taking a hot bath with incense and jazz 
-Looking at old vacation pictures 
-Taking a long walk, with no particular destination
-Watching the sunset 
-Calling someone and just venting
-Playing some ratchet music and dancing in the mirror 
-Eating a good meal or something sweet 
-Drinking some tea 
-Turning my phone off 

Don't wait until you are depressed to make your list. Make it now and put in a place where you will be able to find it whenever you need to retrieve it.