Day 29: Your Future

I am literally blogging from my car because I have so much work to do tonight, when I get in the house, I will have to turn my phone off to keep myself from being distracted. 

As we bring the first month of the year to a close, and meditate on the word future tonight, think about where you want to be this time next month, this time next year, and even in 5 years. Be sure to speak things into existence by saying I will. 

Make a Where-I-Will-Be list 

Here's mine:

Next month,
- I will have completed my short term savings goals
- I will have finished at least 2 books
- I will have taken the GRE 
- I will have the Blossoms Ball fully planned 
- I will be even happier than I am right now

(Write as many things as you can!) 

Then make a list of the purposes for each thing on your Where-I-Will-Be-List

Here's mine:

- I have to maintain my financial stability 
- I want to continue expand my intellect 
- I need to start applying for my next degree 
- The Ball must be finalized by Feb so that it will be spectacular in June 
- My number one goal in life is to be happy! 

I know many of you may already have goals that you have written down that you want to accomplish... But trust me when I tell you: at the end of the month, it helps to revisit those goals and put them back into perspective

Writing the purposes will help to remind you of why you started and why you cannot quit! 

Remember to celebrate your milestones along the way to completing each of your goals! You work too hard not to!