Day 3: Meditation Word - GOLD

But He knows every step I take. When he has put me to the test, I will come out as pure as gold.

As you mediatate this morning, focus on the outcome of your adversity. Envision yourself in a place of peace. Then, remember that you will prevail through everything you're facing now, and come out as pure as gold

There are many methods of extracting and accumulating gold e.g.: placer mining, panning, sluicing, dredging, etc. I listed all of these to say, there's no telling which process God will choose for you. Your story is not going to be like anyone else's, not even your own mother. Just trust your storm is not going to break you! Trust that he is going to make you shine like gold for others to see. So that they too can be victorious after their test. 

It's a simple as that. 


  1. Love your blog! Are we still fasting from social networks or have we moved on to television?

    1. Thank you!!!!! We are not fasting today. Today, just meditate on the word. Tomorrow, we will be doing 24 hours of no television.


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