Day 7: Speak the Truth

The day that you decide to start changing your life and becoming the person that you were born to be, will be the day that your test begins.

I am so honest when I say that every single day my will power to be a positive woman is tested. 

As much as I am encouraging everyone else, most days, I feel discouraged and beaten down by my own thoughts ... But I am going to keep fighting through them. 
I feel like I'm always going up a mountain. Along the way, I'm telling everyone else to keep going, that they'll get there... They can't quit. But inside, I'm unsure of my own ability to finish. 

I feel like maybe God is telling me that I have to use and apply the same advice I'm giving... I'm telling everyone in the world to have faith, so He's testing mine in the process. I'm preaching about patience ..and boy oh boy is he teaching me how to wait! .. Its such a struggle. But I know what's happening. I'm aware of the notion of humility and how God uses your situations to humble you.. He takes you to the lowest points so that when he gives you your riches, you will appreciate them and give Him the glory! ... So as I tell everyone else to believe His promises, I too, must believe. 

Today we're fasting from caffeine.. And I opened my tea packet to find that it read, Speak the truth. 

God works in such mysterious ways. He delivers messages in the most unexpected manners. I have opened my heart to hear Him and as crazy as some may think it sounds, I took that tea message as a word straight from Him. 

Stop worrying, speak the truth. 
Stop fighting your heart, speak the truth. 
Don't be discouraged, speak the truth. 
You know God has your back, speak the truth. 
Let His light shine through you, speak the truth. 
It doesn't matter if no one hears you, speak the truth.
But trust and believe, somebody is listening, speak the truth
People need to hear the Word, speak the truth. 

Thankful for the Truth of God's promise,


  1. Your post speak to my soul. Its the food I need on a daily basis. Those who give the best advice struggle. We have to take our own advice, that's what will make us stronger through God!

  2. Thank you so much. It's words like this that remind me that God is truly working through me to reach people that I don't even know. Be blessed beautiful. Thank you again.


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