Inhale the Fear

The tree of life has so many different roots

Somehow it's the same foundation...


of broken lives 

It's not enough patches and glue that can fix that heartache...

exhale the broken wind 

inhale the fear...

those moments don't represent years...

how deep shall one go to get to know thyself...

clean bill of health or rubbish in the bushes

Hide your feelings in the farthest depths of the woods 

Enchanted secrets that damn near need a magician to unlock 

No key from anyone seeking has ever fit through the door 

No one worth enough to explore 

But ironically, with every attempt to unveil the brides eyes, 

her temple has been left tainted.. 

Walls bleed of lost lust, salty tears, and endless unanswered questions 

We all yearn to learn 

or do we burn our knowledge?

Resisting without listening 

Focused on a 6 and a white fence

How will you know the end of the story without even starting the sentence?

paragraphs that need to be indented 

Too much skimming 


paraphrasing without reading the whole page 

It's no wonder why you're missing 

the body of work.. 

Tough luck 

At this rate you'll be stuck 

in this maze 

for days

No one can help u 

Find your way

Gotta mend that broken heart before you can follow it 


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