Living in My Purpose

You can find me blogging or on some social network preaching and teaching. Posting books or paragraphs, expecting people to read them and walk away with a message. I also do this on a daily basis with all 90 of the students in each of my classes.  

This is called living in my purpose. I am merely doing what I was created to do - teach and preach! I absolutely LOVE it. I haven't found a greater feeling yet. 

I'm following my heart and aligning my passions with it. 

I pray that anyone who reads this learns to do the same, if you aren't doing so already! 



  1. If I knew I couldn't fail (meaning I'd be ok) I'd give up all my possessions and be homeless to see a new aspect of life that I may never get to experience. See what life is like off the grid. See if being homeless is actually being a "loser" or would I learn every secret to life. Learn things no other person would ever know since no one views this way of life as an option. Life in America has programmed me to want more so if I knew I couldn't fail I would want to desire less or absolutely nothing.

  2. I love this. Almost as much as I love you.


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