So I Will

I want to spread the Word within my soul but honestly, it just comes off so cocky to me. I know you may not have been expecting me to say that but it's like, who am I to be giving advice all day? As if I am perfect ... I don't want to be perceived that way, nor do I want to BE that way. I know, I know.. I'm just making excuses, creating self-doubt, and playing into my fear.. Assuming that the people who knew me when all I did was fight and do ugly things probably look at my blog and say, this is bull, she's no saint! How can she be spiritual?! She needs Jesus herself! 

Yet, my passion is to teach. The voice that pushes me to keep writing is stronger than the voice that tells me I'm not good enough. And I know that those same experiences that people from my past speak about, have provided me with the wisdom that allows me to lead. So I will. And I will keep growing in my calling.. Running from it is no longer an option.

Nothing beats a failure but a try.