Whatever Yo

Annoyingggg text messages:
Where are you?
Cloud surfing with my boo
We just passed the moon 
Won't be home no time soon
Venus is just up ahead 
Love bug is dead 
Kids focused on selfies mollies and head
1st period didn't even start and he wreaks of loud 
Never heard of the Sphinx but can tell you the difference between mids and milds 
She don't know who Angela Davis is but shorty ca twerk doe
About dat lyfe
do anything in sight
To be a trending topic or get 100 likes
Naive ass too hyped 
Got her head gassed
higher than a kite 
Red socks blue chucks - everyone is gangsta
babies carrying guns before they even learn to drive 
but what happened to the Nat Turners and Garvey's
We used to have to fight now y'all killing over a corner that's not even yours ..pushing what Mr. Government administer
a lack of exposure to truth
Ignorance that makes me indignant 
Home girl not realizing shorty taking short cuts 
Just to get that quick nut
Finger popping
popping another mollie
next day he gone
probably somewhere popping
the next Molly 
Debbie or Shonda
Hell, my guess good as yours 
These kids not realizing all they're doing is adding more 
to the A 
Doting the I 
And capitalizing the D
Don't forget the S ... 
AIDS dumb biddy 
this ain't no kiddy ride at Rye
don't you know that D 
stands for death?
Of our communities
Our precious hopes
And could surfing dreams
Gum smacking 
Eyes rolling
Whatever yo
Stop ignoring me
Text me back.