Who is the Lighthouse in Your Life

That's me .. I shed light threw darkness 
Through your darkness
I'm inspiring people 
To stop and take notice 
She's sweet like the plum
I woke up crying today
Because I'm trying to get home 
Give her a hug 
No matter what 
You're my sister 
I love you. ❤️

My sister 
Drug addict
Lives under a bridge 
It's so crazy how two people could grow up in the same house 
And turn out so different like they did. 

Do you have any sisters?
They always ask. 
Yes I do. 
But she's probably already been with you. 
They passed her up in public
But they all used her behind closed doors 
Like Facebook

I met her 
She was living in the same town
As him
She's got kids 
She married 
The drug 
He left her 
High and dry 

They moved 
On to heavier weights
It's the type of pain that will make you hate yourself. 

Wait .. you saying you hated yourself? 
I thought you hated me. 

No silly, that's just the way I portrayed it to be. 


No movement

No support


Take care ..

my thinking is that you won't ..you won't 

..you broke me. No. You did.