Winter Waterland

It's 3:30 pm.. We were all leaving school.. And Gena says, Hey Clay, what are you doing this weekend?

No plans. 

You want to go with my girlfriends and I to the Eastern Shore? 

Yes! Do I need to bring anything? 

Nope, just be at my house by 5:30! 


The water was midnite black along the shore. The stars twinkled so brightly, we could see them in each other's eyes. It was briskly cold. But as soon as we walked into the house, the warmth filled our hearts. 

Every knook and cranny of the cottage was uniquely intriguing. 

We sat up for a while and talked about our lives. Then we each went to our rooms and fell fast asleep. 

Fresh berries and the smell of bacon filled the entire house. I wrote a couple of things in my journal before Gena and Nicole came and laid on my bed for some good ol' girl talk. I loved it. 

Breakfast was delightful. 

A little later, we went into the town. I found myself on a strip full of vintage consignment shops. Heaven. 

One shop had a sale that I just couldn't pass up: Buy one coat, get one free. I snagged a beautiful black fur. 

We had lunch on the go at a juice bar that just opened on the day we arrived called, Squeeze. 

We found a few art show rooms. 

By the time we began to head back to the cottage, the sun was going down. We drove to the river to see the red sun quickly disappear to reign over the other side of Earth. The waves were moving ferociously and made the wind gusts bitterly cold. But I took one last deep breath, thanked The Creator for allowing me to feel His elements and jumped back in the car! 

Before dinner, we snacked on what I like to call, cultured cheese. 

We went to dinner at The High Spot. I had a dish called, Trigger Fish, which was as good as my granny's catfish. We all enjoyed some laughs over a chocolate moose before heading back home to watch the ambers around the fireplace.

I was so content that I fell asleep right in front of the fireplace with my journal open. I must've written at least 5 pages about how happy and blessed I was feeling. 

It's funny how random this little weekend was. I wasn't expecting a mini-vacay when I woke up on Friday. Not to mention the fact that I didn't have to pay for anything.. All I had to do was enjoy it. That's it! And it dawned on me, that's what life is all about. You don't have to do a thing but enjoy it!

I got back to Baltimore yesterday and it was the hardest day of the challenge yet. I was fasting from technology... which is extremely broad and virtually impossible to do, thus the reason I decided to only sacrifice the technology that means the most to me: My phone, my music, and my MacBook. Instead of calling it the technology fast, I should've called it, A Day of Silence. Man! It was so quiet! 

But I loved it. My semi-introverted side took full advantage of such solitude! I used most of the day to write, read, and catch up on some sleep. 

I am known for turning my phone off on any given day and silencing the world when I'm unhappy. But doing it when I'm in a great mood, was new for me. It was so refreshing that I didn't even want to turn my phone back on this morning. Silence is really my new favorite thing!

I had such a great weekend. 
Effortless bliss. 

PS: Gena, if you ever read this, just want to say thanks again. Love always. ❤️