10 + 2 Tweets of the Week

@valenciasmiles: Just be grateful.

@valenciasmiles: When you're doing what you really love, it never feels like work. Even on the worse days bcz you know the worse days foster the most growth.

@valenciasmiles: I complete me. I define me. I determine the value of me. I matter most to ME.

@valenciasmiles: Intelligent men are the sexiest... Only a grown woman can concur with that.

@valenciasmiles: I just feel like showing everybody love all day

@valenciasmiles: I believe love comes in all shapes and forms. I believe we should not deprive ourselves from love by chasing one who does not love us back.

@valenciasmiles: I believe the world has gotten used to anguish and doesn't know how to react to an overload of happiness and good vibes.

@valenciasmiles: I'm building myself up. Don't need a man or celebrity to validate me or repost me to make me famous over night. Standing on my own platform.

@valenciasmiles: Sometimes, people really act like you owe them something. Anything I do for a person is from my heart- bcz I wanted to do it. I don't owe u.

@valenciasmiles: "Leaders are quiet lambs as much as roaring lions" ..True leaders know the art of being reticent.

@valenciasmiles: leadership is like beauty: it's hard to define but you know it when you see it. - Warren Bennis

@valenciasmiles: oh ye of little remorse and tremendous pride, you'll never be able to thrive.