A Rough Draft of a Woman

Maybe some of you out there can relate.. I'm seriously in love with my personal journey. Everyday there's a new twist and turn.. I'm constantly faced with the same questions, no matter the content of the situation... Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the motive that drives my actions? My mentor/boss can tell you, I blame most things on being in my twenties... But I'm starting to realize that those 3 questions are never going to go away, whether I'm 27 or 87.. They will be answered..and revisited/revised.. answered, revisited/revised.. I truly think it's best that they remain in draft form. It's like the writing process.. Only, I fear the day I publish my final answer to those questions, will be the day that I stop growing. So I have decided to embrace the mistakes of my rough drafts.. so that I may use them as learning points for my revisions.. my life's paper has no due date! I'll go on like this until my legacy is complete and I am called home to Glory. 

goodnight ✨🌙