I'm like a two-voice poet. There are seriously two sides of me..ok maybe more than just two! But they mesh better than primary colors to make the woman that you see today. 

When creating this month's VG-Challenge I allowed my intellectual side to dominate most of the daily tasks with my desire to teach history through the use of literature and arts. However, I had to make a compromise with my spiritual side, by incorporating my daily meditations

So here we have it: The BLACK LOVE Valencia's Garden Challenge. I'm going to post a poem, quote, monologue, or excerpt from the author of the day, along with a set of daily reflection-directions to help guide your meditation practice. 

I can't lieeee!!! I am soooooo excited! 

Everyone is going to be lifted and inspired by each of these poems, quotes, and excerpts!

I am so passionate about history. I think if more people knew where we came from as a people, individually, they would respect theirselves so much more. They would respect one another. Let me say that again, THEY WOULD RESPECT ONE ANOTHER! 

We would stop fighting and competing and get back to the days when our people STUCK TOGETHER. When they pulled each other up. When there were no such things as crabs in a barrel. 

Malcolm and Martin weren't friends. They were two brothers fighting for the same cause. They acknowledged each other. They respected each other. They didn't let the media get into their heads! They stuck to their missions. And they made history, together. 

I am inspired by the past. It motivates me to create a path that leads to legacy! I am imploring and encouraging you to join me!

I pray that all who participate in this VGC are blessed by the challenge in the same that it is blessing me. 

Peace 🌙✨