Day 14: Love Letters - Sonia Sanchez

The great writer Zora Neal Hurston said, 
Fear was the greatest emotion on the planet Earth
and I said, No my dear sista
Fear will make us move to save our lives 
To save our own skins 
But love 
Will make us save other people's skins and lives
So love is primary at this particular point in time. 
Put on, what I like to call: 
The sleeves of love
Put on the legs of love 
Put on the feet of love 
Put on the head of love 
Put on the mouth of love 
Put on the hands of love 
And love love love love love love 
And others 
Love love love love love 
Because love is the greatest emotion on the planet Earth 

-Sonia Sanchez

Sonia Sanchez is a writer, activist, and world renowned professor. She has published dozens of children's books, poetry, and plays. She has taught at English at eight different colleges, including Temple University. After listening to the poem above, I was inspired to write love letters to a few of my closest friends. 

Streets of Barcelona, Spain. 2012

Dear Meekz, 
My favorite teacher, who isn't occupationally a teacher. Philosophical none the less. You taught me to guard myself, to control my emotions, and to do that cute braid in the front! Stylistic, poetic, and as frank as they come.. Happy Val's day sis! love you ..
you'll always be my dream girl ❤️

Dear Tieka, 
Since I've known you, you've taught me how to accept people's mistakes and love them, just for who they are... just by accepting me, for me. Love always ..Happy Val's Day ❤️

Dear Shelly,  
What can I say? Thank you for always speaking your heart. Thank you for being the one to tell us the real, even when no one else has the courage to.. It takes a strong person to be honest.. and only a woman of class, such as yourself, is able to say things with such eloquence... Happy Val's Day.. Love always ❤️

Dear Nikki, 
You're always right on time (even though you be late)... What I am saying is that you're always there when I need you. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams and stop comparing myself to others. You are my favorite little sister.. stay wise and humble. ..Happy Val's Day ❤️

Dear Toy, 
Thank you for introducing me to Malcolm X. Of course we all learned about him as early as elementary school but I didn't really understand the truth about the Movement until I learned about it from you. Thank you for every book and poster for my classroom. Love you always. Happy Val's Day ❤️

Dear Carissa, 
Although I kept a diary for years, I used to be afraid of writing... I used to write generically, in fear of someone finding my journal and reading my secret thoughts. And possibly getting mad at me for my feelings.. or worse, telling me that my ideas don't matter. I truly was afraid of my own potential.. Until you showed me to think out loud and to just release everything through ink. I regained my voice and gathered the courage that it takes to be myself. I found freedom in writing, thanks to you... 
Happy Val's Day Beautiful ❤️


Show a little Val's Day love to the people that you love today too! 
Warm hugs and Pynk kisses,


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