Day 19: Consistency by Ossie Davis

We can't float through life. 
We can't be incidental or accidental. 
We must fix our gaze on a guiding star as soon as one comes upon the horizon and once we have attached ourselves to that star we must keep our eyes on it and our hands upon the plow. 
It is the consistency of the pursuit of the highest possible vision that you can find in front of you that gives you the constancy, 
that gives you the encouragement, 
that gives you the way to understand where you are and 
why it's important 
for you to do what you can do.

-Actor and Activist, Ossie Davis

The record above, Bread & Roses, is a compilation of poetry written by Black authors and read by Ossie and Ruby, as a tribute to the 20 year anniversary of the District 1199 strike at seven hospitals in New York City. This album is just a small symbol of the amount of work Ossie did throughout his lifetime as he fought against racial injustices in this country. 

I hope you find time to meditate on the passage above the picture. 

Remember, nothing is accidental. Practice and pride yourself on maintaining consistency.