Day 3: Chairman Fred

4:30 in the morning. 90 shots. Chicago’s finest. 

It was an attack on the entire Black movement. Their order was to end it. By any means necessary! 

One of their objectives was to prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify the black masses. At 21, Fred Hampton was just that. Founder of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party, he made people believe in themselves, feel powerful, and bring about change. – Jeffery Hass 

He even began the Rainbow Coalition, which stopped the violence among young gang members of all races in Chicago.  

So how did this happen? The FBI obtained an entire floor plan of Hampton’s apartment. It is said that his own body gaurd, and Head of Security for the Black Panther Party, William O'Neal, was an informant for the FBI, who gave them the floor plan and drugged him on the night of the raid. 

Right before daybreak, they shot from the front door and the back door and even put machine guns on the walls. More than a thousand rounds.. 90…shots. ..fired. 

His girlfriend, 8 and half months pregnant with his child, laid on top of him to try to protect him but it was too late. She heard the officers say, Is he dead yet?!... Two more shots went off and another officer confirmed, He's good and dead now. 

The State’s Attourney jumped on the news the same day to claim that it was a shoot out between the officers, Hampton, and 22 year old Panther, Mark Clark ...but that was a bold faced lie!!! This was a shoot in!!! A cold blooded, preplanned murder of two young Black men. 

Not one person served any time in jail or was sentenced for these murders. 

Meditation Directions: 
Focus on the quote below -

We were out there educating the people. How did we educate them? Basically, the way people learn, by observation and participation. And that's what were trying to do. That's what we got to do here in this community. -Fred Hampton 

Now, take a moment to think about ways you will do the same for your community. 

Answer this: 

How will you educate the people of your community? 

Can a person learn from you, just by an observation of your daily actions? 

Are you participating or starting any activities to make a change in your area?

If you cannot answer those questions positively, then think of AN ACTION PLAN that you can apply to your life right away! 

If you can answer those questions in a satisfactory manner, your next step is to figure out a way to help your peers make a difference, just like you. 


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