Too often, we are afraid to be the leader that God created us to be because we don't believe in our power. 

We allow the reality of what things look like right now deter us from going after the promises of our future. 

We follow people because we think they are the only trendsetters. 

We wait for others to take action against an injustice because we think their voice is more powerful than our own. 

We just don't know who we were born.to.be. 

Well, I am here to tell you that I am not apart of the we-phrases above. And you don't have to be either. Tell yourself:

I am a natural born leader. 

I allow my feet to set my path, the path does not guide me.. I am the paver of the road ahead.  

My talents are unique. 

My gifts are being enhanced and made more vivid to me each day. 

I learn more about why I am 
who I am 
with every breath I take. 

I don't need status to validate my purpose. 

I don't care who knows me or knows what I do. 

I don't need a compliment or award to let me know that my work is appreciated. 

My heart is humble. I am humble. 

I am confident in my work. 

I am confident in my experience. 

I am confident in my knowledge. 

I know I don't know everything but 
I know who I am. 

I don't need your recognition.  

I am strong and wise. 

I will lead the youth through education. 

I will lead my peers through education. 

I will lead myself through education. 

And nobody and nothing will stop me. 

Fcvk status! 

Sometimes you just have to say F-it ! With no regrets! 

I know who I am. 

I know my power. 

Know YOURS!