Game Over

Let it reign 
The sun is gone 
We're living in relationship
Thunder storms
So much deceit 
Servants of unloyalty 
Monogamy died 
On the Eve of Valentines 
It was around 10:30 pm
When he 
Stimulating me 
with rain drops in every syllable 
I put on my hoodie
Tried not to get wet
I blocked his kiss 
Put a veil over my eyes
Tried to pretend that his smile dont make me naturally high
The sun is gone
So there could only be one reason why 
I glow when he's around 
I don't want to come down 
I don't want to come down 
I want him around 
but I know this sh't is completely foul 
The unbearable stench of infidelity 
Lingers above my floral crown
I'd rather drown 
in my own blood 
than to be somebody's side bitch
Just friends 
My desire is to be strictly platonic 
Yet he keeps on 
Revealing visions 
of me 
rocking his hard science
Makes being friends, just friends, harder than rocket science  
Sh't is getting too complicated 
With each minute that passes 
I'm growing frustrated
Boy is un-phased
He don't see nothing wrong 
Us together to him is
as natural as 
the morning comes 
Reality check 
this shit could never work cause I can't even see him when 
morning comes
he wake up to her 
I arise to me 
Don't mistake it for vulnerability 
Never desperate
Maybe just a little too friendly 
It's been a long while since I exhaled  
So yea 
I can imagine your kiss 
But still 
I'm too smart 
Too pretty 
Too got damn good 
To be anybody's mistress 
So again,
I'm back asking:
What is this?
Going blow for blow 
Pound for pound 
With a disrespectful 
Hell raising 
Slipping cards under the table
Then trying to renig 
The mistreatment of his queen 
Is the exact reason 
I'd rather be with a loyal joker 
Than a lying King 
Let it reign