History Doesn't Come in Colors

Jacob Lawrence Inspired - Oil Pastel Portrait titled "Big Black Book" by 7th grader, Sade S.

Well, here we are.. Last day of the month.. Last day of the Black Love Challenge. After reflecting, I am proud to say that my greatest area of success from this past month was witnessing my students gain a sense of pride within their own selves by learning about some of history's most influential people. Some of the writers and activists that I taught them about were folks that I wasn't even exposed to until I was an adult. That's the greatest reward of being a teacher: Making the youth better people than we were at their age and having the faith that every seed planted, will allow each one of them to become some of the world's greatest adults in the future, just like the ones that they learned about. I know they were just as inspired as I was throughout this month. After all, it was one of my students who actually reminded me that I am giving them the tools to finish the work that we start as educators. It's not just about learning about black people during Black History Month. It's about learning things that help you reflect on WHO YOU ARE as an individual. This is the work that I do every single day, whether I'm teaching about Angela Davis, who is black or John Brown, who was white. 

My Literacy class' bulletin board, filled with Jacob Lawrence-Inspired Portraits and correlating poems, created by my 7th and 8th grade students.

History has no color. The experiences of those who came before us can be applied to any one of our lives, no matter who we are or where we came from... And that's why we must continue to be self-sufficient enough to take the initiative to explore the wonders of the past on our own and then, enlighten others with what we learned. 

So, do not stop discovering things that you never knew in history now that February is over. Visit the libraries, teach things to your friends and family, volunteer to read to children at schools, and just stay AWARE!  

Keep searching for invaluable lessons, in every situation that you are faced with.

Knowledge is the root of your power. 
Keep gaining more knowledge to enhance that
 power, strength, courage, and wisdom. 

Love and Light,