Ice Be Like...

Okay... I put this on everything I LOVE! There's absolutely going to be at least a two hour delay tomorrow. Now, by no means will you ever see me use profanity on a social network; so excuse my flagrancy when I say: I just almost busted my a** !!! No seriously! TWICE! I left my charger in my car, saw that it was raining out and I said, Val! Run so you don't get your hair wet! BIG MISTAKE!!! I'm telling y'all, Ice be like: ohhhh you didn't see me?! It's cause I'm CLEAR!? You think I'm really invisble!! NO Look closer! BOOM! Gotcha, I just wanted you to fall! 

It's life, sometimes we never see things that are meant to harm us... Sometimes it's right in front of us and if we aren't careful, it could hurt us! 

But Ice didn't get me.. I caught myself! 
Had my arms out like a gymnastics-chick trying to keep my balance!

Then, I get to the car, which I walked zombie-slow to ..and felt so much ice under my UGGs (The thought of the entire ground being covered with ice one day just flashed before my eyes... So scary! I hope that never happens!!!) but anyways, even on my way back to my building, there was more ice and I almost fell again!!! So yea! I'll see y'all on the left side of Friday!