Shape and Mold

I'm determined to read 
I'm determined to know (the truth)
I'm determined to lead (the youth)
I'm determined to grow

Peace to the queens 
Acknowledgement of the kings 

Toast to my sistahs
Kissy faces to my mistahs 

My crew is the future 
Just watch 
Sleeping on my diamonds 
Shine bright like a Diamond 
I hear negative things 
Cursing tongues 
Of those who don't think she can think 
Think she can't hear 

Not of my womb
But of my mind
My time 
And my love 
even when they make me say things I sometimes regret 
Short-tempered .. We're all a little crazy
Bottom of the barrel types 
But still, even from the bottom, 
we can see the Light 

The Light ..
My little lights of the world
With an intellect that's out of this world 
Warners Vernons Jerals and Jakes
and Scotts

Even when I'm gone home to glory 
I'll live 
through you 

My legacy 
My work
my story
My work is my story 
Not my past 

So stop asking me what's my story 
They haven't flourished yet .. 
But they're in full bloom

Just wait til AI discovers she has wings 
Wait til my song bird sings
Just wait til Sky realizes the power of her smile 
Wait til she learns that her limit lies in the clouds 

There's so much potential 
in my hands 
So I shape 
and mold 
Like Clay
Leading the way 

My seeds 
Let them read
My seeds
Let them know
Let them lead
My seeds 
Let them grow