Sorrow Bridge

I left work a little after 7 tonight. Drove under the bridge on MLK, like always ..normally, I see the homeless people desperately begging for change. But tonight, I saw a homeless person sleeping under there.. Snuggled in the dark.. fighting off the blistering cold.. Now, I'm from NYC and have been in Baltimore for a quite some time.. So seeing the homeless sleeping on concrete pillows isn't anything new... But I don't know, for some reason, driving past that person under the bridge really hit my heart. I wanted to turn around and offer him/her a place to stay. I questioned God about why it's acceptable for anyone to live on the streets in the winter or in any season for that matter.. How can the government or society as a whole, zoom right by a person sleeping under a bridge or on a subway or on a park bench like it's normal. Why is this considered normal? Then I started thinking about how each person that drove by probably has so many problems that they are stressed about.. and how much we all take for granted ..funny, my students brought up a thought provoking question today when we talked about homeless people. We wondered, when does a homeless person have a chance listen to music? Something as simple as playing your favorite song when ever you want to hear it is such a luxury for those who don't even have a place to plug in a charger ..Then my empathy and anguish shifted to overwhelming gratefulness. Grateful for my job.. Grateful for my old car.. .. Grateful for my home... Grateful that my problems are fixable because I have never lost my financial independence... These things aren't small things that one should be thankful for... they are monthly achievements that should be commended.. People say you shouldn't be praised for the things you are supposed to do like paying your bills on time and such.. But I think the opposite.. Maintaining a job and your bills isn't always easy.. Seeing that homeless person reminded me of where I could've ended up had it not been for my hard work and dedication.. Resilience and determination.. In short, all I am saying is that we have to be grateful for what we have because there are so many who would love to sleep at least one night in a comfortable bed, much like the one that you will sleep in tonight.