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You are what you surround yourself with.

Before today, my students didn't know how poetically brilliant Richard Wright was. This subsequently led me to ask myself, how often to do we as Black people immerse ourselves into our own culture? We're always so quick to fight about the notion of it but truly know nothing of it's history.

We as a people really don't know ourselves. We have lost our power. We don't know about Ellington. We don't appreciate the wonders of Jazz. Music that had to be practiced ..music that required all members of the band to listen to each other and take turns having solos.. a collaborative effort. We don't even know how to work together ..and to make matters worse, we don't even have the drive to work for ourselves. We just copy and paste and argue back and forth about who started what. 

I can't point fingers and just sit here in my rant. I have to continue teaching my students and exposing them to their history, so that they may discover it for theirselves. After all, if you know your history, you know yourself. I want them to discover exactly who they are individually and follow the correct path to becoming exactly who they were born to be.