If nothing else, I am woman of my word
I promised you a poem and that's what this is ...
But what is this?
What are we doing here? 
You are in a relationship and I am buzzing in your ear.. 
With the sincerest intentions of just being your friend
All the while knowing that you may have ulterior plans 
You look into my eyes and see possibilities
You're attracted to my light 
And I just honestly like 
the attention you give me 
As strong as I am 
I still get a little lonely 
Dark quiet nights 
Lead to desperate moves 
One text around mid-night 
Turns into visitations 
Turns into sexual relations 
Turns into scandal 
Scandal turns into entertainment 
For the world 
Now everyone sees me 
as a home wrecking whore 
With my smeared red lipstick 
Fire and tears
Sooty fingernails
Evidence of who sparked the flame
Charred heart 
All my fault 
I just wanted someone to talk to 
I just wanted a little attention
Words of affection 
Mind got clouded by emotions 
And I ignored the fact that 
You're unfree 
You're wrapped in another woman's arms 
As we speak 
It's hard to write a poem about someone that I could never see myself with 
Because as I write all I can visualize is the pain and drama that would come from such a treacherous game
Red and Black 
Cards were dealt 
And I know damn well 
I can't play her hand  
You are the King in her deck 
You can't be my Spade 
You can't play two positions
I'm unwilling to be deceptive
Poetic honesty
with a candid tongue
I speak with conviction 
in every line
I just don't think its our time
Poetic honesty
I am honestly 
just saying
I dont think we should even pretend
to be friends
Until you are free
Better safe than sorry