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Final Reflection - Flowers for Nothing

The beauty of this floral painted, stained glass window is something I marveled over during the "something colorful" day of the March challenge. As I reflect on this month's challenge, I keep thinking about all of the flowers that I was able to see this month, including these stained glass ones. 
Overall, I think my biggest takeaway of this challenge was forming my new habit of waking up early. Although, I'm not exactly where I want to be yet, progress has definately been made. I went from waking up at 6:45-7:00AM to waking up at 6:15AM most days.. Some days, I even do 5:30AM. That's big for me! And I am only going to keep getting better.  Another aspect of this challenge that I loved was not posting on social networks everyday. I truly enjoyed keeping some of my meditations to myself. 
Honestly, that's how we're supposed to practice most spiritual rituals: alone and humbly. But at the same time, I know that I have been called to guide others in a way that I…

Serenity Spots

When I need to find peace of mind, the first place I go to is usually the thrift store. I just browse through the book section, then I ease my way over to the nic-nac section ...and of course I look through the clothing.  
Everyone needs a go-to serenity spot ...I have other places I to go to for peace, in addition to my favorite thrift shops. 
Here's my list:
Local bookstore or library  A floral shop or botanical garden Farmer's market (when it's open) The Loch Raven Dam The Record and Vinyl shop Lake Montebello Carol Park Art or History Museums The coffee shop  The playground around the corner
If you don't have a list of go-to serenity spots, I suggest you make one today. 
...and remember, your own apartment counts too. 

xoxo, V


red late nights,  no likes.  bad peace.  low key.  Martinelli's. 
pink girlie girl but tough challenge chaser thrill seeker jet setter  eeek!  ..self made sound effects.  onomatopoeia.. 
blue b like.  blite.  lightweight.  feather.  cool out.  tic. tock.  listen to the pretty girl beat.
purple crowned queen.  no competition.  different roots.  well-nourished foundation. in full bloom. 
yellow close your eyes.  slow blinks. you get a tickle  from the feel of eyelashes touching.
green  never been about the money only the joy fighting the plagues of bi polar ancestry. ceased fire  realized  bipolarity is the gift of  mentally residing in  two different worlds.  innately inclined  to consider all perspectives. spirit of discernment  skilled to see through liars. unspoken understanding reticence of a tiger  plotting on a gazelle 
white clouds lined  with the silver of


No title  Because in nature  Love need no titles  It's stretches far  Yet and still so close  Seek beyond the rivers  Over the banks  And in between You'll find everything  you've ever dreamed  More than a mere reflection  Silvery blue mirror images  Of you Of me  We Fly and fall  Language of the leaves  Dirt is our pulpit  Worshipping the Sun Soaking in faith  Rain drops Nurturing the soul

Touch  It's real

Fly Love's got wings.  Limitless   Living Soul mates don't have a time limit. Swans don't know their own names.   They don't need a ring Money won't buy a thing.  It's true. Surviving through any season Winter's blizzard Spring's breeze  Summer's rain  Autumn Is unnamed.  Real love  Needs  Nothing  But  Two To  Last  Through anything     

Little Women

"I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen." 
"...for love casts out fear, and gratitude can conquer pride.."
"I like good strong words that mean something."
"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship." 
Every weekend, my sister and I would spend the weekend on Riverside with our Aunt Lorraine.. She was born in the late 1940s so it makes sense that Little Women, a 1949 classic, was one of the movies that she had us watching with her on Saturday nights.. We were much too young to hang out on our own, so we would climb into her queen size bed and lay right up under her, watching old movies, until we fell asleep. 
While watching it tonight, I was able to catch a few really cool quotes! It's funny how when you watch something when you're older, you view it from a totally different perspective. 
It's also very interesting to see how much we as women have shifted …


Earlier today, I was searching and searching for something yellow for the challenge. I randomly reached into my jeans' pocket, while I was in the hall waiting for our team meeting to start, and found a yellow receipt from the my mom's 5th anniversary of being clean. The receipt was from the gift I bought her ... It made me smile inside and reminded me that all things truly are possible.

Something Yellow

I'm addicted to self help books lol

Black and White

Black and White 

The simplistic bliss. 

Crowned by the Sun

I called my best friend and told her to stop what she was doing because I needed her to go watch the sunset and give thanks for the new season .. I took a bunch of scenic pics and just for fun decided to take a selfie with the sun! When I looked at the pics and saw that I captured a big Ray of God's Light shining directly on my Crown!!! Honey!!! This means everything to me right now! I can't even begin to describe the joy!!! 
And I captured it twice!!! Which means it was not a mistake!!!!! 
I am blessed !!!!! No doubt about it!! 
And if God can do it for me, surely you have to believe that he can do it for you!

Love and Sunlight,  V

A Memory

Some of my favorite memories can only be found in my head.. There is no pictorial evidence.. No souvenirs.. Nothing but realistic figments that have been stored and filed way in the depths of my heart. 
I remember the days when Kandy and I used to be the only ones roller blading up and down Manhattan Ave... I would always chase her and push her. Sounds mean but I only did it because she was so dramatic when she would fall!! Visualizing the sight of her arms and legs pointing towards the sky as she screamed, "Valll I'm gonna get you for thisss!" still makes me laugh. She could never catch up with me. She was too slow. So when we would roll to the corner store, I would always hold her hand, just to make sure she would keep up. 
When I found these 90s blades in a vintage shop a few months back, I had to snag them. Simply because there's no greater way to keep an exuberant spirit than to relive one's childhood classics. 
I miss you Kan..
xoxo,  V

The Ingredients of a Husband

Writing a hand written letter is one of the most intimate ways to say I love you. Especially in this day and age, where everything is all about technology. Remember writing letters when you were a little girl? Or what about when your crush or boyfriend used to write to you? That feeling was the best. 
Writing heartfelt letters is also an exercise that creates peace and tranquility. "Picking up a pen slows you down long enough to remember the beautiful people in your life. The act if sitting down to write helps to fill your life with gratitude.... Not only does writing and sending the letter focus your attention on what's right in your life, the person receiving it will, in all likelihood, be extremely touched and grateful." -R. Carlson
I wanted to share one of my favorite love letters from history with you today. I hope you enjoy it ..and use it to reflect on your own love life. 
This was written between 1627-95 by Dorothy Osborne of England to Sir William Temple. The date …

Free WiFi

Its obvious that Baltimore schools allocated their yearly funds much more appropriately during the 70s/early 80s because almost every classroom still has a wall post to prove that there was once a television in the classroom. Lots of these schools had premier TV-production and typing courses. That was big technology back then. So how is it that we're living in the most instantly gratifying era ever and our schools lack the latest machinery, aren't filled with computer-science-savvy educators, and have students who type slower than a turtle on a computer but faster than a hare on their cell phones? 

I already know the answers. 
1) The government puts more money into preparing us for warfare with countries whose students' families have to pay (and can barely afford) to attend "public" schools.. Yet, their reading and math abilities exceed far beyond that of even the highest performing American children. 
2) The lack of funding that schools get is a mirror image of the…

Now Playing - Black Maybe

Woman of Color You endure obstacles and opposition And not all the time from...from other nationalities Sometimes it come from your own kind Or maybe even your own mind You get get laughed get looked at wrong You get sighted for not being strong The struggle of just being you The struggle of just being us.. black maybe - Common

Extroverted Introvert

They say you find yourself in your twenties. Well one thing I never realized until I was in my late twenties was that I am a bit of an introvert. 
I always considered my self an extrovert because I'm super social ..but in reality, being social is not the definition of an extrovert. 
An extrovert is a person that finds happiness around others. That's not me.. Being super social doesn't make me happy. Personally, I can sit in a room full of people and still feel alone. This notion used to make me feel dangerously depressed until I realized that I wasn't alone, instead, I was just different. And I now, I love it.. I mean, I love not feeling apart of things, even when I am apart of them... I embrace it.
Typically, introverts are people who are concerned primarily with their own thoughts... That may be true but that doesn't mean that I don't care or empathize with other people. It just means that I enjoy being in my own world. I'm content when I'm in confinemen…

Something Green

For a day, just for one day, Talk about that which disturbs no one And bring some peace into your Beautiful eyes. حافظ - Hafiz 
My friend, G, taught me about Hafiz the other day and I have been reading his poetry ever since. 
He was said to have been born in 1325 in Iran. His birth name was Shamseddin Mohammad but his pen-name was Hafiz. This was a name given to anyone who memorized the Koran. 
The fact that his words are ancient but still hold true today shows how wise he was. 
Hafiz only composed when he was divinely inspired. His main focus was to write for the Beloved. 
Take a moment to meditate on something green and connect the words of Hafiz to it, allowing peace to enter your beautiful eyes. 
love and light,

14 15 16

These last 3 days of the challenge were well celebrated. 

Friday's theme for day 14 was, I'm Not Where I Used to Be ... I felt good inside and out on Friday as I embraced all of me .. Good and bad .. I smiled all day and just kept reminding myself, I am not where I used to be. I seriously fell in love those 8 words! 

I actually went out too! I never go out on Fridays. My homegirl, Tieka and I went to support my friends' poetry event in downtown Baltimore. 

It was a great event. All of the poetry was unique and thought provoking. What stuck out to me the most though, was how one of the poets forgot his words... The entire crown started snapping and encouraging him. It was just like how my students support each other in my classroom. The crowd was so warm as they cheered, "Take your time! You got this!" Unfortunately, the poet actually stepped off the stage instead of persevering... just goes to show: even the pros get nervous. I'm going to share this story with m…