A Memory

Some of my favorite memories can only be found in my head.. There is no pictorial evidence.. No souvenirs.. Nothing but realistic figments that have been stored and filed way in the depths of my heart. 

I remember the days when Kandy and I used to be the only ones roller blading up and down Manhattan Ave... I would always chase her and push her. Sounds mean but I only did it because she was so dramatic when she would fall!! Visualizing the sight of her arms and legs pointing towards the sky as she screamed, "Valll I'm gonna get you for thisss!" still makes me laugh. She could never catch up with me. She was too slow. So when we would roll to the corner store, I would always hold her hand, just to make sure she would keep up. 

When I found these 90s blades in a vintage shop a few months back, I had to snag them. Simply because there's no greater way to keep an exuberant spirit than to relive one's childhood classics. 

I miss you Kan..